Why development is important, when the economy declines?

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Usually, in a recessions, companies start to adjust operations, which unfortunately also involves termination of employments. In this situation, the amount of work does not decrease, but tasks are divided among the personnel and some are outsourced. This can paralyze the company's operations, because the transfer of tasks to own and external resources is not always easy and straight forward. It is difficult for company's own personnel to take on new tasks in the middle of your own rush and workload. Outsourcing is always an own project which needs dedicated company resources for execution. In this situation operations continue with existing processes and poor set of tools. 

The company's business remains profitable when there are well-functioning processes, good tools and capable staff. In particular, processes should be examined critically by thinking about how to streamline operations and at the same time maintain the level of performance.

One example of time-consuming work are various project progress reports, etc. There are modern digital tools such as Tool4pro to help with task, reporting and project management. These tools help minimize unnecessary reporting and ease the workload. 

Often, along with the reduction of personnel, know-how is also lost. There are smart remote support devices and programs made for remote support such as Realwear & VSight to fill the skill gap. With these tools, you can get the help of several experts on the spot in real time exactly when help is needed. In addition to remote support, these tools are excellent for making video recordings during normal work, and the recordings can easily be processed into interactive work instructions. 

Don't let the recession paralyze! Maintain your competitiveness by developing functions. Let's analyze the situation together and find tools that make work easier that suit your needs. We promise that these tools have a short payback period and excellent staff satisfaction. Let's continue improving!