User friendly task management application

Easy to use application eases all parties task management

Tool4pro features

Main feature in digital applications is user friendly and easy to use interface. Tool4pro usability has been tested with various user groups in different industries. Feedback of usability has been excellent. Real time information makes task management an easy thing to do. 

User friendly

The Tool4pro application is developed for industrial needs and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. The interface and operation of the application have been built and tested under authentic conditions. The easy-to-use interface enables operation even in demanding conditions.  Users can easily report their own observations and take pictures or videos. The application can use the dictation function of the phone to enter data. 

The web-based service is fast to take into use, and more users are invited via email, which makes joining the platform easy. 

The implementation project is quick and simple.

Task-specific instructions

Task-specific instructions make it easier to get the job done. The instructions are always available in digital format. Different instructions can be easily included in tasks. Images, videos, links, and documents can be added to the assignments. Task-specific illustrative instructions improve safety by preventing misunderstandings. 

Tasks can also be phased into as many subtasks as the user wants. This clarifies the execution of the task. 

Real time information and timeline

Information in Tool4pro is updated in real-time as users complete tasks. All task progress information is automatically updated on the Gantt-chart and snapshot screens. Real-time data saves a lot of time from reporting to the execution of tasks.



Task depency management

Setting dependencies between tasks ensures safety. Dependencies lock the tasks until the related tasks are completed. This feature also ensures timely and systematic progress of projects.

Digital work permits

Each planned task acts as a work permit. An individual task contains all the information needed for the work permit. Using dependencies between tasks ensures safe work. The application can also be used to define special work permits such as hot work permits, tank work permits, etc. Digital and easy management of work permits streamlines the daily work of supervisors and employees.  everyday life.

Fast reporting

The application allows you to quickly create printable reports of completed task lists. This makes it easy for maintenance personnel to print reports as soon as the service is completed. 


Define personal protective equipment

All needed personal protective equipment can be defined for a task in Tool4pro. In their own view, the employees see all the needed protective equipment for the assigned task. 


Report deviations and observations

Tool4pro can also be used to smoothly report deviations and observations. Quick and effortless recording of deviations lowers the threshold for making them.

Automatic data storing

All task-related data is stored in the cloud for later use.
The collected data is valuable
and makes it easy to develop functions and plan
new tasks and projects.


Intelligent tools embedded

Easy-to-use intelligent tools can also be utilized with Tool4pro. Our product range includes an easy-to-use smart glass package. With the help of smart glasses, remote support is easily accessible. Work can be supported by real-time image and sound, enabling an individual or team to be helped anywhere in the world.

Language versions

Own language is very important in task management. Tool4pro can be translated easily to all languages