Ari Kananen Consulting Oy

Our partner Ari Kananen Consulting offers comprehensive services to companies and educational institutions for the planning, selection and implementation of remote support systems. Remote support solutions offering consists of different options for real-time remote support. These tools can be used also to create interactive videos that make working easier. Ari Kananen Consulting also offer a quick 3D model, which creates a digital twin of an existing space or environment. Through Ari Kananen Consulting you can get; RealWear the world's leading augmented reality wearable solutions and the VSight software that supports remote support. The digital twin is Matterport's platform that turns any space into a digital twin. In addition to the tools mentioned above, the whole concept consists of Tool4pro. By implementing these easy-to-use tools in the industry, there is an opportunity to make quick benefits and savings.

Ceriff Check®

Ceriffi Check® is mobile data collection and analysis software for communication. Companies can make continuous monitoring, quality checks and reporting with softwarer. All kinds of observations and deviations can be reported easily.

Ceriffi Check®support companies managing with real information. Fixing one deviation or preventing on accident brings money back very fast. All reporting can be done with web browser and mobile devices. 

Tool4pro has integration with Ceriffi Check® application. These tool form perfect package for task and deviation management.

Mining Finland

Mining Finland is non-profit and membership fee funded association promoting export of Finnish mining technology, promoting foreign investments to Finnish mining cluster and facilitating R&D and education collaboration among mining sector actors working in Finland or in cooperation with Finnish companies.