Tool4pro® - Real Time Task and Project Management for Industry

Mills and factories

With Tool4pro maintenance shutdown duration in industry reduces 20 %

and service suppliers

With Tool4pro project management and service reporting will be 50 % easier

Tool4pro®: Efficient industrial maintenance and project management in real time

Save time and money!

Solution for Efficient Production Operations: Tool4pro is a comprehensive real-time solution for the challenges of industrial maintenance and upkeeping tasks. The solution enhances operations and improves information flow. Utilize our over 30 years of experience in industrial management and bring your operations into the modern era.

Ease of Use and Efficiency: Deployment is effortless, and the app is designed for the benefit of all parties involved. Real-time information flow ensures that production management and everyday tasks run smoothly. Replace paper documents and miscellaneous tables with an easy-to-use application. 
Mobile command and control center: Manage tasks and projects across devices anywhere with a network connection. You stay up-to-date regardless of where you are.

SaaS Model: Pay Only for Usage Tool4pro offers a flexible SaaS model (Software as a Service). You only need to pay a monthly usage fee without heavy software packages. No need for user-specific licenses!

Integrations: Integration into maintenance systems (CMMS), for example, ensures smooth transfer of information between systems, which facilitates daily work for users and enhances resource utilization.

Tool4pro displays

Versatile Applications:

  • Production Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance and inspection activities
  • Occupational Safety Management
  •  Ask About Other Applications


Set and Achieve Your Goals: With Tool4pro, your team can easily achieve the set goals. Take advantage of the immediate and significant benefits of modern task management.

Staff manages entities better with real time information. This reduces workload and job satisfaction improves!

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Lasse Kauppinen CEO profile

Lasse Kauppinen


Lasse Kauppinen is an industrial expert having over 20 years of working experience from mills and equipment suppliers. Lasse has worked in paper industry UPM-Kymmene and industry equipment supplier Valmet. He has over 10 years of international experience in sales support and projects. Lasse can help you with his wide and long industrial experiences

Kare Lappalainen chairman of the board

Kare Lappalainen


Kare Lappalainen is an industrial expert with over 30 years of experience. Kare has his strength in leading construction projects and managing productions. During his career he has focusing a lot on occupational safety. Organizations lead by him have over 2 years periods without accidents. Kare's main fields are forest and mining industry.

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