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Tool4pro® real time digital task and project management solution for industries


Forget paper documents and miscellaneous spreadsheets. Plan and execute all kinds of projects and manage tasks digitally with Tool4pro. Solution is suitable for all industries. With real time info and improved task management you save money and develop occupational safety.


All parties involved in the project will benefit from using Tool4pro! When staff manage entities better with real-time information, work stress is reduced and job satisfaction is improved!

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Easy to use and fast start up
All worker instructions under each task
Real time information and timeline
Task depency management
Digital work permits
Vie hiiri otsakkeen päälle nähdäksesi lisätietoa
Safety equipment definitions
Intelligent tools embedded
Reporting of deviations and observations
System integrations via API interface
Automatic data storing


Pulp and Paper


Food processing



Mechanical wood processing



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Tool4pro services

Tool4pro start-up

  • System configuration
  • Start-up training
  • Support of customers change process with new way of working

Tool4pro consulting

  • Data analysis before start-up
  • Analysis of Tool4pro data
  • Developing of operations

About us

Team behind Tool4pro have long experience among various industries. Knowhow of the team is utilized in Tool4pro development and in serving our customers

CEO is Lasse Kauppinen Lasse Kauppinen (MSc) who has over 20 years of experience in Finnish and international industry. Lasse has also long experience in international sales, marketing and projects

These factors behind company makes unique and broad knowhow and customer understanding. We dedicate ourselves in serving our customers

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