How to reduce downtime in Industrial maintenance shutdowns up to 20%?

Maintenance shutdown of a production plant is a critical event in many ways. In traditional process industry maintenance shutdowns are planned very carefully in advance to minimize plant downtime. However, delays often occur during the shutdown, one of the reasons is lack of shutdown management tools. For example, in the paper industry, during one maintenance day, there can be up to more than 200 tasks performed by different parties, e.g. production operators, maintenance workers and subcontractors. Task management with only paper check lists and spreadsheets is very challenging, because then the information is not real-time. Using paper check lists the status of completion of the tasks can only be seen afterwards.
Often, maintenance shutdown delays are caused by unintentional work delays or poor planning, which in turn are caused by interruptions in the flow of information. Information flow and shutdown management can be developed with innovative digital tools. Well managed shutdown means shorter production shutdowns and higher production.

Tool4pro is an excellent tool for managing industrial maintenance shutdowns. It makes task management significantly easier and maintenance shutdowns are shortened.
💻 Up-to-date plans visible to all parties = schedule management
📱 Application available on all devices = overall management
📱Real-time monitoring of task progress = schedule management
📑 All work instructions easily available = easier and safer working
🔧 Dependencies between tasks = efficient and safe execution of work

💶 Shorter maintenance shutdowns means a higher operating rate, which means a bigger incomes.



Below is an example calculation that shows what a 20% saving can mean in a year. You can find the calculator on our website. With the calculator, you can simulate the savings potential of shortening the downtime.

Now you should try Tool4pro for maintenance shutdown management. Potential can be huge what can be gained with Tool4pro.