Did you know that modern applications and remote task management solutions can reduce accidents?

In Finnish forest industry companies, the number of work accidents has decreased over the last 10 years, which is evident from the statistics of Metsäteollisuus ry. The target is zero accidents. It is possible to achieve it by developing work processes and work methods. Achieving the desired target level is also essentially influenced by the commitment and attitudes of the personnel.

Did you know that modern applications and remote support solutions can have a significant impact on reducing accidents? We have developer Tool4pro task management application that can improve and develop occupational safety. Thanks to the application, workflow and work safety can be controlled even better. The application can be used to set safety-related work as dependency for other tasks, such as before starting the actual maintenance work. In Tool4pro, all the required work instructions are always with the workers on mobile devices. The personal protective equipment required by the job is defined to meet the requirements of each job.

In addition to the Tool4pro application, you can use to intelligent remote support devices. With these tools, it is possible to assist workers quickly with the help of voice and live image. Remote support devices reduce e.g. wrong working methods in maintenance work which improves safety. The remote support event can also be saved for future training use or instructions. Quick help from the all necessary professionals, either in real time or as a recorded interactive work instruction video, gives also for newcomers confidence in completing the work. An example could be demanding lifting jobs. During lifting work, real-time audio and visual communication is obtained between the crane operator and the person performing the installation of the load to be lifted, even when there is no direct line of sight between the persons.

With easy-to-use tools that support working, the workload is reduced, which lowers the stress of the work. In such a work environment, managing occupational safety is easier and everyone involved in the work has a clear picture of the situation.