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Tool4pro ®® for industry equipment and service suppliers

Deliveries must be carried out on time and as cost-effectively as possible. The challenge is often varying information that is challenging to manage. This often leads to situations where additional resources must be used. This in turn increases the delivery costs and lowers profitability.   

Project managers’ task is to implement the sold project according to the planned schedule and cost level. Thus, the project information should be well in place from the sales phase. Often the project management is based on a variety of spreadsheets. They are usually updated manually, making project management difficult and slow.

With Tool4pro, you can forget about miscellaneous spreadsheets. You can plan and implement various projects comprehensively. All parties involved in the project are using the same application. Based on real-time information, you can guide your project to a successful outcome cost-effectively.

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Benefits for equipment and service providers

Tool4pro benefits everyone involved in the project.
The staff manages entities better with real-time information, which eases the workload and improves job satisfaction! You can focus on productive work instead of reporting. Customer satisfaction increases as the delivery quality improves.

Project management

The weakness of traditional project management tools is the lack of real-time data. Project managers have to ask different parties for progress reports, which impairs the perception of the overall picture. Project managers, in turn, have to compile these reports to be shared forward. As a result, all parties spend a lot of time reporting, which is not productive work. 

Real-time information makes project management easy and cost-efficient. All parties are in the same application, which improves transparency and allows for quick responses to changing situations. Tool4pro automatically updates the progress of the project as the parties complete their tasks. Internal and external reporting is enhanced, as project information is visible to all parties simultaneously. Mid-project reviews are efficient due to the real-time information. You can utilize previous project templates to speed up the creation of new projects. The stored project data is valuable information for further developing the functions.

Industrial maintenance services and site management

Industrial plant maintenance requires systematic actions. Customers’ schedules are challenging during maintenance shutdowns. Maintenance shutdowns may involve a variety of tasks for which supervisors or project managers are responsible. The more tasks there are, the more challenging it is to follow them without a real-time progress view. 

Tool4pro provides real-time information to follow up on site work. With Tool4pro, tasks stay on schedule, and overall management is easier. At sites, an overview is quickly seen by using mobile devices. 

Digital maintenance plan and service log book

With Tool4pro, you can create a digital maintenance program and service book for your equipment. Monitoring and adhering to a maintenance plan harmonizes the work between different maintenance personnel. Each maintenance task contains the required instructions.  After completing the tasks, the data is saved, forming a digital service book. A quick maintenance report is also a significant benefit and saves time on reporting. Customers receive a service report immediately after the maintenance, which increases customer satisfaction.


Task lists

In all companies, individuals have task lists whose progress is tracked. Task lists are often separate documents or spreadsheets. Updating the data may vary, and data is not always up to date. This, in turn, increases the number of unnecessary clarifications and meetings.

Tool4pro makes it easy to create to-do lists and share tasks. All parties and team leaders see the status and progress of tasks in real-time. Easy monitoring, in turn, shortens the duration of follow-up meetings.


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