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Manage Industrial Maintenance Shutdowns Efficiently with Tool4pro®

Challenges in Maintenance Shutdowns: Industrial maintenance shutdowns are demanding both operationally and economically. They require strict scheduling and the coordination of multiple parties. Delays in maintenance shutdowns are always costly.

 Traditional Tools vs. Tool4pro: Traditional paper check lists, miscellaneous spreadsheets, and timelines are often tools for managing maintenance shutdowns, but their manual updating is time-consuming and prone to errors. Staying up to date requires constant communication. Maintenance systems (CMMS) alone are not suitable for the comprehensive management of maintenance shutdowns. Tool4pro provides a modern solution to this, enabling comprehensive and real-time management

Tool4pro Use and Benefits

  • Planning and scheduling: Seamless and transparent planning, all tasks and employee in the same application. It saves time in planning and it is easy to share the plans with everyone in real time.
  • Real-time maintenance shutdown task and progress management: Easily manage maintenance shutdown and quickly address problems. The duration of maintenance shutdown will be reduced.
  • Mobile access: Makes it easier to manage tasks in the field and all the instructions are always included.
  • User-friendly application: Easy use by all personnel user groups and subcontractors
  • Occupational safety management: Easy creation of task dependencies and LOTO (lockout-tagout), ensuring safe progress of tasks.
  • Electronic work permits: Integrate work permit processes into tasks. and make permit processes more efficient.
  • Checklists for start-up: Ensuring a smooth ramp-up of production.
  • Scorecard and data: Quick reporting of maintenance shutdowns. Use the data to plan future maintenance shutdowns.
  • Cost effectiveness: No single user licenses

Customer Experience Our satisfied customers include production facilities in the mining, paper, and energy industries. The primary goal is to enhance the management of maintenance shutdowns. Join our satisfied customers and improve staff work management, safety, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Traditional Tools vs. Tool4pro comparison

Image describes the complexity of traditional shutdown management process
Description of Tool4pro web application principle

Data has the value

The data from maintenance shutdowns is more valuable than gold – it helps in making operations even more efficient. With reports, you get a scorecard on the success of the maintenance shutdown.

Modern tools facilitate the handling of unique data, which allows for the quick identification of areas for development. Integrating artificial intelligence makes the tool even more efficient.

Behind Tool4pro development is over 30 years of practical experience from different industries. Contact our experts and we tell you how you benefit from Tool4pro.

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Tool4pro®, best task management software for industry

Tool4pro at the Heart of Working Safety Management

Tool4pro enhances process industry working safety management by integrating risk assessments and work permits into a same system. The application establishes safety dependencies for tasks and facilitates the management of LOTO (lock-out-tag-out) processes conveniently. Users can access work and operational instructions directly associated with tasks in PDF, image, or video formats, significantly improving safety.

With Tool4pro, all documents necessary for safe working practices, such as work permits and risk assessments, can be created. The platform also serves to distribute safety bulletins to all participants at once. In addition, all observations and deviations are easily logged into the application, encouraging reporting and helping to collect valuable data for improving safety.

Tool4pro Savings Calculator for Maintenance Shutdowns

See below for examples of Tool4pro's saving potential. Try the calculator below and see how much you can save with Tool4pro.

Paper and board mill example

Average length of the maintenance shutdown 10 h

Average amount of shutdown per year = 12-14 pcs

Sales margin 8000 €/h

Benefits and savings with Tool4pro

Easier and faster task planning

Straightforward task management

Tasks of the maintenance shutdown are performed systematically

Improved information flow

Less wasted time

Savings 20 % in hours = 24 h / year = 224 000 €

Mining concentrator example

Average length of the maintenance shutdown 7 days = 168 h

Average amount of shutdown per year = 2 pcs

Sales margin 50000 €/h

Benefits and savings with Tool4pro

Easier and faster task planning

Straightforward task management

Tasks of the maintenance shutdown are performed systematically

Improved information flow

Less wasted time

Savings 10 % = hours 34 h / year = 1 700 000 €

Calculate savings in maintenance shutdowns with Tool4pro

Annual savings in hours

Annual savings in €

Easy-to-use and quickly deployable Tool4pro for project management

In industrial project management, commonly used time-consuming spreadsheet programs and timeline tools burden project managers. Tool4pro offers a solution to this problem with its ease of use and rapid deployment, enabling efficient management of tasks and stakeholders through a single application.

Tool4pro helps project managers keep projects on schedule through real-time information tracking. The application's timelines update automatically, accelerating project execution. You can also manage all tasks in the project's installation phase with the same application. Tool4pro saves time and costs, and optimizes the use of resources, effectively freeing them up for new projects.

Tool4pro industries

Tool4pro is suitable for all industrial sectors and naturally adapts to the needs of different industries.

The industry benefits primarily from enhanced efficiency. Real-time management of tasks for all parties brings significant benefits. Reduction in information flow disruptions leads to more efficient production operations

Pulp and Paper

Mining and metal industry

Food processing


Construction materials

Mechanical wood processing


Other industry plants