Did you know that poor communication often increases the risk of accidents? Read how the situation is corrected.

Zero accidents is everyone's goal in working life. Achieving goals requires the commitment of all personnel to the goal as well as processes and methods that support safety. In industrial maintenance shutdowns and daily maintenance, the flow of information is one of the most significant factors in ensuring work safety. Tt can be improved with modern methods and tools.

Repair and maintenance work involve ensuring the safety of the site. Under no circumstances should work be started if safety is not ensured. Dangerous equipment needs to be shut off and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work. The employees perform the preparatory safety measures in accordance with the instructions. Separated and lock out - tag out objects are often recorded in paper lists, which are signed when the procedures are completed. Check lists are often located on the wall of the central control room, from where the progress of the situation can be monitored.

The weakness of traditional paper check lists is that the information can only be seen in one place. Finding out the status of safety of work site therefore leads to frequent contacts between those performing the maintenance work and the management of the production plant. Repeated contacts may lead to communication breaks, which in turn may cause a occupational safety risk. 

If the acknowledgment related to security has been forgotten, it may take a long time to find out the situation. The investigations will delay the start of maintenance work, because safety must be ensured before starting work. The slowness of the information flow also causes a rush to perform the work itself, which increases safety risks and workload.

Information flow can be improved and safety ensured with innovative solutions, such as our Tool4pro® application. The Tool4pro® application enables faster information flow in situations where the performance of maintenance work requires preparatory safety tasks:

* With the help of the application, the work of all parties can be done in the same user interface. This makes it easier for supervisors and managers to manage the entirety.

* In Tool4pro, dependencies can be set between tasks to ensure the safety of maintenance work. Maintenance work is released for the employee, only when all maintenance-related safety tasks have been completed.

* If necessary, the safety work such as lock out - tag out can be split in phases for the person doing tasks. This makes it easier to complete the work. 

* The Tool4pro® application also enables attaching the entire work instructions to the work tasks, for example as documents, images or videos.

* Transparent monitoring of work progress improve the flow of information and ease the workload of supervisors and managers. 

Security-related notifications are visible to all users 

With the improvement of information flow, it is easier to ensure safety and it is possible to achieve zero accidents!

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