It pays to develop the management of production problems in industrial sites

Many people working in industry are very familiar with various production-related problems. Every production site has different problems from time to time. Solving the problems take a varying amount of time. A lot of money is lost due prolonged problem solving.

In order to solve the problems, meetings are held, where action plans are made and responsible persons are defined for the tasks. Tasks usually include various tests and fixes in different areas. In this way, tasks often go beyond organizational boundaries, and they can also involve external parties. In addition, tasks often include instructions for production crew.

The most challenging part of solving problems is usually monitoring the progress of action plan. Tasks are often in different files , which are distributed using different means such as messages, mails etc. Various tests and repairs, on the other hand, can take quite a long time, because not everything can be done while production is running. This makes a real-time picture of the situation challenging for the persons responsible. Because of this, frequent follow-up meetings is needed to clarify the situation.

After the problems are solved, a report is usually made based on findings and solutions. This step is really important because the same type of problems occur often and have similar characteristics. Systematic reporting of solutions is extremely important, because production personnel change from time to time or people leave or retire. New people often run into the same problems. In turn, it is challenging for them to find the actions that were taken in connection with previous problems. Sometimes the information is not recorded or it is knowledge of the employees. Because of this, the same action plans are often carried out again and again, even if they are not helpful.

Better tools are helpful in solving problems. Tool4pro digital task management provides an excellent platform for solving production and other problems. With Tool4pro, task lists can be created for all parties and responsible persons, which are updated as the persons perform tasks. All tasks can be easily confirmed as done either on a computer or mobile devices.

Within all tasks, task-specific instructions and other necessary information can be created. On the other hand, those performing the tasks can add information (text, images and video) inside the tasks in connection with their execution.

With this model, everyone stays up to date in real time, which facilitates systematic problem solving. When the problems are solved, the entire task chain with its information is saved in the application. Information can be retrieved from the application, which further speeds up the solution of problems.

Tool4pro makes working easier and provides an excellent platform for solving various problems. Mobile devices support real-time information management. Systematic recording of resolved cases speeds up the solving of future problems. Systematic action in problem management saves significant money. The production facility, on the other hand, runs more smoothly and safely, which in turn supports sustainable development.

- Lasse Kauppinen